Othered and Odd..

In moments there are often feelings. May it be comfort or tension, despair or joy, a climax or small gesture.
Moments, by their nature are fleeting. Therefore we must pluck those meaningful moments from our current life and isolate them for eternity . FXui


Do you remember all the rooms you have ever slept in?

Do you ever think about the people who laid there?Those before you, with you and those who lie there now? Do you ever think about the ones who entered without knocking? Or the ones who stood outside, those you never invited in?

Do you remember the ones who came? Did they bring in the cold or did their comfort (ers) keep you warm? Do you remember the rooms in all the new places, those with new faces and timed zones? Do you remember the familiar, that over time became unfamiliar.

Do you remember those rooms, in those places, where the occupants meant something; or nothing to you?
Rooms where you are no longer welcomed. Walls that may have been broken, or are still intact?

Do you ever think about all the rooms, you have ever slept in?

take the big dollars and change it to singular bills …..

red light district…..



the masks we wear….

F (uck) is a F(our) letter word.

connected …

Taste (the rainbow)….

Fall from grace….

 O Christmas Tree….

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